30 Free Things To Do In Self Isolation For Kids

Having activities planned during the next few weeks (or months) will help you and your children survive the day. After school work is completed ask your children to choose one of the free activities below to keep them entertained:

1. Watch a zoo live cam and draw the scene (see below for zoo’s)
2. Make your own wordsearch
3. Make your own boardgame
4. Design a fitness circuit with 6 exercises. Test it out on your family with 30 seconds per exercise (plus 30 seconds rest!)
5. Write your own short story then make a video reading it.
6. Build a den
7.  Ask a grandparent to set a challenge with 1 week to complete – then send a video or picture of your challenge.
8. Write a Limerick or poem about a member of family
9. Write a diary, or create and edit a video diary.
10. Watch a drawing tutorial and create your own art: STUDIO JJK , Draw With Rob
11. Visit a ‘virtual’ gallery or museum (see below).
12. Draw a member of your family
13. Find a country on the map and write 15 interesting facts about it.
14. Create an exercise video 
15. Make up your own lyrics to a famous song 
16. Find a new artist/band on Spotify beginning with a  letter from your name.  Choose your favourite track and write your own verse to add to it.
17. Do a quiz:
18. Create a logo for your new ‘Home School’
19. Find a dance tutorial on Youtube and learn the dance 
20. Learn a sentence in sign language
21. Learn to say hello, please and thank you in a new language and write it down
22. Learn how to count to 10 in a new language
23. Write a story as if you were an animal
24. Write a story as if you’ve walked into a different world
25. Draw a card to send to a friend (by email or WhatsApp)
26. Design a card on Canva to email to a friend
27. Write code on  SCRATCH 
28. Design a comic strip of your favorite day  
29. Learn a magic trick to show your relatives on Zoom.
30. Create3 different paper airplanes and carry out 3 flights per plane to test which flies the furthest.

Free Online Resources

More free resources!

Educational Resources from Twinkl
Smart videos for curious minds: The Kid Should See This
World Geography Games
Draw With Rob
Science Quiz for Kids
PE With Joe Wicks
Cosmic Kids Yoga
Carol Vorderman is offering her online maths for free: The Maths Factor 
David Walliams has released free audiobooks: World Of David Walliams
Hogwarts Digital Escape Room
Paper Airplane Designs
Podcast for Kids (age 5-12: The Fast & The Curious
Music with Myleene Klass: Myleene’s Music

Working from home, and a penguin has joined me!

Keep your kids busy; go to Google on your phone, search for an animal (Lion, Tiger, Dog, Cat, Penguin, Hedgehog, Bear, Panda) scroll down to ‘View in 3D’, select ‘view in your space’. Result; excited kids for a morning, mum can work.

Working From Home

Contributed by Joanne Champion Consultancy

Any more ideas are most welcome!